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Mulch & Rock Services – Naples, Fort Myers & Bonita Springs

At GQ Lawns, we are a leading source for installing quality mulches, rocks, soils, and other ground coverings for your lawn. We provide professional mulch and rock installation services to the areas of Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other surrounding areas in Southwest Florida. There are proper ways to lay mulch and rock to ensure maximum benefits. Allow our highly-trained professionals to do the hard work and install new, or refresh existing, mulch and rock ground covers in your landscaping beds.

The most popular mulches and rock covers we use in Southwest Florida.

Mulch and rock ground covers are one of the most important elements for maintaining any landscape. From helping to buffer soil temperatures, to preventing water loss, and suppressing weeds, the type of mulch you use here in Southwest Florida’s subtropical region is essential, so let’s break it down with a few of the most popular options.

  • Dyed Mulch: This is the most popular ground cover in our area. Dyed mulch can come from many different types of wood and is available in a variety of colors such as red, brown, and black. The most common color in the Naples area is red mulch.
  • Cypress Mulch: This shredded mulch allows for water to soak into the roots, but it holds firm from heavy rains and doesn’t wash away easily. Cypress mulch also provides a bounty of nutritional benefits to plants when they decompose.
  • Pine Bark: This shredded bark interlocks to prevent from easily washing away and is perfect for landscaping that lies on a slope or an incline. It also decomposes, which will enrich your soil.
  • Pine Straw: Pine straw needles are a great option because they hold in place very well and don’t break down easily. This is also a good option for slopes or extremely large areas. Pine straw is also the most affordable option.
  • Rock: There are many options for rock, the most popular in our area includes red lava rock, white shale, and brown river rock. The great thing about rock is it only needs to be refreshed every other year, whereas mulch requires refreshing every year.

Mulch and rock provide more benefits than just looks.

Mulch and rock are designed to improve your landscape design and adds a nice aesthetic to your property. If you have light colored flowers, for example, pair it up with dark mulch or rock to give a beautiful contrast. Looks aside, mulch plays a big role for the root systems of the plants in your garden beds. Plants that have more delicate roots can benefit from the ground cover’s ability to hold more water for those hot summer days. It can also keep your roots from freezing during the occasional cold spell. Further, properly installed ground covers can help prevent weeds and soil erosion in your landscaping beds.

Are you in need of some new mulch or rock to be installed in your landscaping beds? Give us a call at (239) 776-9502, we’ll handle the delivery and proper installation of your mulch/rock. We can also remove any existing mulch or rock if you are changing the type of ground cover in your landscaping.

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