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Expert landscape trimming, tree trimming, and pruning services in Naples, Fort Myers, and Bonita Springs.

At GQ Lawns, we are dedicated to providing the areas of Naples, Fort Myers, and Bonita Springs with quality landscape trimming and pruning services. Our business model is centered on three core values: honesty, family, and consistency. You can rely on our professional team to deliver on any of our lawnscape services, including landscape trimming and pruning small trees, shrubs, and plants.

What’s the difference between trimming and pruning?

Landscape trimming and pruning are essential aspects of keeping your landscaping healthy and beautiful, and each requires different equipment. Trimming is all about tidying up hedges and small shrubs’ appearance by removing overgrown branches. Excessive overgrowth can be harmful because it reduces the amount of light and moisture the shrub receives. Your shrubs and trees should be trimmed at least twice per year to prevent overgrowth and remain thick growth. While trimming is more focused on aesthetics, pruning, on the other hand, focuses more on the health of a tree or plant. Pruning helps prevent loose or dead branches from breaking free and also allows fruits and flowers to flourish. With pruning, we remove only the dead and diseased branches, allow for new growth in the same spots.

Trimming & Pruning Done Right

At GQ Lawns, we have the right equipment and knowledge to properly trim and prune your small trees, shrubs, and plants to maintain their health, shape, and appearance.

  • Pruning flowering shrubs: Younger shrubs should be pruned very lightly to allow them to grow bushier and fuller. We use hand pruners to trim long stems by cutting above the healthy bud. This kind of pruning is also called heading and promotes the development of lower side branches.
  • Neglected or older shrubs: With the tangle of unproductive stems found in older shrubs, a more extensive strategy of thinning cuts is necessary. This is also called renovation or renewal pruning. With shrubs that grow up from the base, such as Forsythia, Dogwood, and Lilac, we gradually remove the old stems. Eventually, the new flower stems will replace the unproductive old growth.

We avoid pruning younger and newly planted trees because they need as many leaves as possible to produce the food necessary for proper root growth. We only remove broken, dead, or injured branches as well as branches that rub or cross each other. For smaller trees, we also make sure to cut sagging limbs, suckers that grow from the roots, branches that form an acute angle from the trunk, and limbs that compete with the tree’s central leader.

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As you can tell, the process of trimming and pruning requires extensive knowledge, hard work, and attention to detail. When hiring our crew, you won’t have to think twice. What you’ll get is thicker foliage, healthier plants, and more flowers. Call us today at (239) 776-9502 for a free quote and to learn more about our trimming and pruning services in Naples, Fort Myers, and Bonita Springs.

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